Why should you join the WHBA?

  • This is the best way to capture the big commercial opportunities as West Hampstead changes.
  • You can influence the issues affecting your business.
  • Shape the topics we lobby Camden on in a members-only forum.
  • Reduce costs through shared procurement.
  • Keep abreast of local & national trends with a monthly e-mail newsletter.

What can we achieve?

  • A marketing vehicle for West Hampstead: make a promotional video, attract the types of businesses we want, get more positive press coverage, bring more people who spend more money.
  • Improve the appearance of West Hampstead: shopfronts, street clutter, lamppost banners, Christmas lights. Influence how the huge sums of S.106/CIL development money are spent.
  • Reach a solution to optimise parking for both businesses and residents.
  • We’ll even try to tackle the big issues: business rates, roadworks, etc.

What does it cost?

The cost to join is based on the size of your business.

Join before Jan 31st for 50% discount.

Membership is valid for 12 months.

  • Freelancer £25 (£50 from Feb 1st)
  • Single shopfront £75 (£150 from Feb 1st)
  • Double shopfront £125 (£250 from Feb 1st)
  • Multiple £200 (£400 from Feb 1st)

Fill in your details, and we’ll contact you regarding payment. As soon as your payment has cleared we’ll send you your login details for the Members Forum.



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